4 Reasons to Partner with Drupal over Joomla for Ecommerce

“Happy wife, happy life,” huh? Well, with a whopping 27% of companies divorcing from an already deployed content management system only to start over, it’s not worth putting the mantra to the test. This Jupiter Research statistic reveals two sides of the same coin: Companies are not spending enough time assessing CMS options and they are not satisfied with their ultimate decisions.

Why not?

Selecting a CMS is a commitment of time and money. Kind of like picking a spouse. Depending on the investment in development, the decision is ‘til death do us part. We hope. And unfortunately, in the absence of resources, the courting process for an ecommerce platform works more like an episode of The Bachelorette than real life. This is why weighing your choice between Drupal and Joomla carefully is so important. Best to come armed with a list of requirements for your wife-to-be, right? So, what are you looking for? If you need a better idea about what each platform has to offer, check out this neatinfographic. Ready? Ok, let’s go.


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